Our Objectives

Our Objectives

1. To adapt and implement internationally recognized English curriculums at all levels, from the play Group to ‘A’ Level. Specifically, for the ‘O’ and ‘A’ Level the EDEXCEL or Cambridge Curriculum will be followed.

2. To recruit highly qualified teachers who have profound knowledge in their substantive areas along with exorbitant proficiency in English language.

3. To regularly train teachers in order to continually improve their teaching skills.

4. To continually interact with and obtain feedback from all stakeholders (teachers, parents, advisers, board members, students, staffs and community members) in order to further improve the teaching and learning experience of Wisdom’s students.

5. To teach the recitation of the Holy Quran with Tazweed and to prepare students for the Hifzul Quran.

6. To teach the basic knowledge and practices of islam using a selective Deeniyat series (that includes Emaan, Aqaid, Akhlaq, Seerat, fiqh, Muamalat, Muasharat, Ikhlas, Ibadat and others), published by British and South African publishers.

7. To follow a yearly and well-structured lesson plan to be accomplished during scheduled class times and to conduct periodical tests for evaluating students’ performances.

8. To engage students in extracurricular activities.

9. To produce graduates who will be prepared to face the challenges of the advanced-technological world and to strongly uphold islamic values and practices.