Rules & Regulation

Admission System

At present, the academy has the capacity to admit a total capacity of 200 students. There are 13 classrooms in total. From class 4, boys and girls’ sections are separated. Children will be admitted to the academy from the minimum age of 3 years. Admission is normally conducted at the beginning of each half-yearly term of the academic year. In case, a place becomes vacant during the first or second term in a particular class, a new may be admitted as a replacement.

All application forms provided by the academy office are to be filled up appropriately. Academy authority will arrange all admission as per the admission policy of the Academy after testing the scholastic abilities of the candidates. For the Hifzul Quran of boys, admissions are done from Grade 4.



Academy has arranged a religious motivational class for 20 minutes before the beginning of the main classes. To catch up with the religious class, all students are required to come to school on time. Any absence for a sickness has to be reported to the Academy as soon as possible. In case of being late for valid reason or of a need to leave early, the school has to be provided with a note from parents/guardians. Tardiness and frequent absences are not at all desired. If so happens, necessary warnings will be served to parents/guardians.


Dress Code

The details of the school uniform code will be given to students and parents by the Academy after the admission. The students are instructed to follow the school uniform code.


Fees Policy

The fees are very reasonable and must be paid in full at the beginning of school session. Monthly fees are to be paid on monthly basis. Timely payments to the teaching staffs and other staffs play a vital role for their sound mental conditions and help to free them from mental anxieties. The Academy appreciates prompt payment of fees, which results into the smooth functioning of the academy.