Extra Curricular Activities

Extra Curricular Activities

Students demonstrate their science projects in science fair.

Students have debate workshops and public speaking practices aimed at enhancing students’ quest for knowledge about current affairs.

Attend national level art competition.

Students participate in study tours.

Students endeavor to write for the wall magazine and the notice board.

Students play in Academy’s indoor games facilities.

Students attend the annual sports event held in a suitable place in the city.

Students maintain a current affairs board, which helps students to keep abreast of the global development and changes.

Students participate in the Pitha festival and class parties.

Students listen and sing Nasheeds


Practice Of Sunnah

Students have their tiffins at a central location in the academy while practicing the Adab of Sunnah of eating food.

Students are made aware of the importance of practicing sunnah in all classes.

Students are encouraged to practice sunnah in all affairs at home.